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“GingerMay has consistently provided What's New in Publishing with strong stories which have been well received by our readers. They know our industry inside out. Better still, the team at GingerMay always make themselves available when we need to talk to them. In short, they are an outstanding PR agency that have shown great consistency over many years.”


What’s New in Publishing

“GingerMay’s approach has completely reframed what I understand PR to be and how I understand a PR agency should operate”

Fraser Park

CFO, Smartpipe

“GingerMay is the gold standard for communications. They make an extraordinary effort to get to know your USPs and business goals"

Marketing Director

Verizon Media

“We view GingerMay as an extension of our in-house team and genuine partners to our business”

Co-founder & CEO


GingerMay is a multi-award winning B2B PR and integrated communications agency.

From powerful thought leadership narratives to ground-breaking research, we create bespoke PR strategies for pioneering start-ups, industry giants, and trailblazing leaders. We specialise in delivering earned, owned and paid media activities, securing results-driven commercial success and a superior share of voice for our market-leading clients.

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Mission Statement

To empower our team to use remarkable thinking to deliver exceptional results for our clients, protect the planet and give back to our community. 


6 ad tech trends that will dominate in 2023

6 ad tech trends that will dominate in 2023

Staying in touch with current ad tech trends is crucial for marketers that want to steer a safe course through 2023. Driving efficiency through innovation will be key for brands aiming to lower costs in a challenging economy, but extreme cutbacks to experimental efforts and data analytics could be a mistake. 

Thriving in a downturn (and smashing your competitors) #2

Thriving in a downturn (and smashing your competitors) #2

A surprising number of businesses don’t understand they are partially using their marketing investment to drive new leads and improve their reputation.
At the heart of this is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which determines your website’s position on a search engine’s results page.

How to thrive in a downturn (and smash your competitors)

How to thrive in a downturn (and smash your competitors)

PR – specifically thought leadership – is the gateway to gaining ground with key audiences, helping to grow your reputation and deliver leads in a downturn. There is a reason leading businesses and brands prioritise this activity over other marketing functions.