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How to find a Cleantech PR agency

How to find a Cleantech PR agency

Environmental action has stepped up rapidly in the past 12 months, with  the UK Government announcing its plans to reach net zero by 2050 and COP26 increasing global focus on the climate crisis. So it’s no surprise that moves towards cleantech and renewable energy are not only being seen as more important than ever, but also growing apace. Cleantech investment is on the rise, particularly within the energy industry, and it’s likely that this trend will continue after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to make clean technology more affordable by 2030. 

In this fast-growing market, standing out isn’t always easy. A company may have excellent green credentials and highly innovative products, but these unique selling points can get lost without a specially tailored communications strategy. An experienced cleantech PR agency is therefore essential for putting green businesses at the front of industry conversations and making sure they connect with the right audiences. 

This requires an effective marketing and PR strategy and careful agency selection. Finding the perfect partner that aligns with their vision can be challenging for greentech businesses, so we’re cutting through the noise with our helpful guide for finding the perfect PR agency.

What is a cleantech PR agency?

A cleantech PR agency works with green technology businesses to build communications, integrated marketing strategies and support their commercial objectives. Partnerships can cover any company operating in the cleantech market and contributing to a sustainable future. To name just a few examples, this can include companies that provide clean energy solutions, technology that helps the construction industry take more green building approaches, and smart grid offerings. 

Cleantech PR agencies manage green businesses’ reputations and help them to stand out in their fields. There are a variety of techniques agencies use to achieve this, but several are especially crucial for placing a business in the best media spotlight; such as the ability to clearly communicate a company’s aims, educate key audiences, and build awareness for its products and services. So, it’s easy to see why finding an appropriate and well-suited PR agency can feel daunting for businesses.  

In practical terms, making the best selection comes down to knowing what they should be looking for; specifically the ideal blend of measurability, versatility and shared green values.

A cleantech PR agency that sets measurable, data-driven goals

To get the most out of their partnership, companies should seek a cleantech PR agency that sets measurable goals and supports their marketing objectives. Just as world leaders’ responses to climate change are informed by data and research, the best PR strategies lead with data analysis and produce trackable results. 

Effective cleantech PR campaigns will take into account ROI, making sure they provide value for clients in the form of heightened media presence and lead generation, for example. These results can be measured by setting KPIs, which not only keep relations transparent between the agency and client, but can also indicate whether PR campaigns need to be tweaked to generate further business growth. This focus on data ensures that PR services are delivering results for the client and helps to measure the effectiveness of cleantech business’ marketing campaigns.

Attention to digital detail is also important in the increasingly online world. Agencies that monitor web traffic, for example, will be in a good position to spot any gaps in a company’s comms strategy, alongside usability issues. Additionally, research on competitors and their green credentials can be included in a PR agency’s data-centred approach, with information used to ensure their client stands out in the sustainability market.

A cleantech PR agency that supports content generation

Targeted action and good storytelling are crucial to great PR services, and essential to both is deep insight. Finding an agency that has experience of greentech and is knowledgeable about the space will ensure they can connect clean and sustainable tech businesses with relevant publications such as Business Green and The Energyst

A good cleantech PR agency will conduct in-depth research into a greentech client’s business and understand its unique selling points, before using this knowledge to create news and compelling content, pitching ideas to journalists. They’ll also develop angles for bylines that will boost the company’s reputation and present them as thought leaders in the sustainable technology sphere, as well as harnessing timely newsjacking opportunities. 

Managed effectively, quick responses to breaking news stories allow greentech companies to share their voice across reputable publications at key moments. Leveraging strong relationships with journalists, smart agencies can secure opportunities for informative editorial content, interviews, and introductions to key media contacts. This approach means cleantech companies have interesting and relevant content to share on social media, and can broaden their reach, increase engagement and raise awareness of their products and services. 

Moreover, some leading PR agencies may also facilitate research and compose whitepapers that can be used in wider marketing strategies, owned content such as webinars or blogs, and further editorial pieces for target industry publications.

A cleantech PR agency with green credentials

Authenticity is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to sustainability. Cleantech businesses should prioritise PR agencies that align with their views; not only for the purpose of maintaining authenticity, but also because the company can rest assured that their chosen agency will champion their vision and have relevant connections to boost their visibility. 

Furthermore, businesses should look to join forces with a cleantech PR agency that practises what it preaches and is working towards sustainable goals. This can include everyday practices in the office, such as reducing waste, recycling, and limiting energy use where possible. But it can also encompass being mindful of lesser-known contributors to climate change such as digital pollution. In particular, it is important that companies look for a cleantech PR agency that stays up to date with current news and events relating to the climate crisis and offers its own thought leadership on sustainability and green policies. This way, they will know their PR agency is passionate and knowledgeable about sustainability, and that it will transfer this enthusiasm and sense of urgency to PR strategies. 

With growing efforts and interest in the sustainability space, it is essential for cleantech companies to find the right PR agency if they want to make their voices heard. While complex, making the right choice doesn’t have to be difficult. By keeping measurability, diverse capabilities and common values high on their list, greentech companies can find the best partners to grow their business reputation and market presence. In doing so, they can make a larger impact in the sustainable tech industry and, in turn, the fight against climate change.


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