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The AI innovations progressing industrial decarbonisation

The AI innovations progressing industrial decarbonisation The UK government recently awarded £4M in funding to companies harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to advance industrial decarbonisation. From energy and agriculture to ensuring AI technology itself is...

H1 2023 is a wrap: Five trends from advertising industry events

Cannes Lions, CES, AOP Crunch, and New Video Frontiers are key events the advertising industry looks to for insights into both current trends and what the future may hold. 
Here’s what we’ve seen and learned from these events in the first half of the year.

Blockchain 101: Benefits of blockchain for businesses – Part two

Benefits of blockchain for businesses: Part two In the second of a two-part feature we look at the benefits of using blockchain technology in business.  If you only have 30 seconds: One of the main benefits of blockchain for business is tackling and preventing fraud...