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We’re B Corp™ Certified

Ginger May B-Corp certified

Our B Corp™ Journey: redefining business as a force for good

A new approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability has gained momentum: the B Corp movement.

Short for Benefit Corporation, B Corp challenges traditional concepts of business success, emphasising not only profit but also positive impact on people and the planet.

At GingerMay, we are extremely proud to be B Corp Certified and play an active part in making the business landscape more equitable, sustainable, and responsible.

Why the B Corp journey matters…

To our clients: Clients with their own sustainability and social responsibility commitments can be assured we share and support their values. For partners still developing their approaches, we help them make an immediate difference by continually donating a proportion of client fees to important charitable causes.

To our team: B Corp Certification means our current and future team members can trust in our genuine dedication to ethical, purpose-driven practices. Our team benefits from consistent professional, financial, and mental health support, as well as real flexibility, and they have a vital role in driving company growth and responsible development.

To our agency: As a B Corp, GingerMay focuses on the triple bottom line — people, planet, and profits. This ensures our business decisions deliver holistic success, driving sustainable growth.

Why GingerMay set out on the B Corp Journey

B Corp was born out of the realisation that businesses hold a significant role in shaping society and the environment.

Conventional business models often prioritise short-term financial gains at the expense of social and environmental considerations. B Corp emerged as a response to this imbalance, striving to redefine business as a force for good by aligning profit-making with social and environmental responsibility.

GingerMay chose to join this global movement and underwent a rigorous evaluation of our performance in five key areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

This assessment verified our commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and progress towards sustainability.

By challenging the traditional definition of business success, GingerMay wants to disrupt the status quo and lead by example with a more holistic approach to success. Always determined to keep pushing forwards, we are looking to raise the bar further.

We hope to inspire others to consider their social and environmental responsibility and embrace this journey, contributing to a global transformation that values profits alongside people and the planet.