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Social Responsibility


There is no Plan B. We are at a critical turning point to reverse humanity’s impact on the planet and build our sustainable future.

At GingerMay, we relentlessly look for ways to help reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints, whether that’s giving free PR and mentoring to start-up climate tech businesses, or composting our office coffee grinds.

Our team enjoys monthly presentations from inspiring speakers to educate them on how they can help our planet and minimise their impact on the environment. Every team member is instrumental in directing our approach to sustainability.

Each year GingerMay gives 5% of its profits to charities. We support charities such as ClientEarth and The Woodland Trust, among many others.


International Women's Day


We are change agents. Long before Covid, GingerMay bucked the trend for working from home for all staff. We support working parents in ways that are impossible in other businesses. And we’ve done this since our inception. We are driven to be different and to challenge our staff and clients.

We empower our team to grow professionally and harness their full potential, and we enable our clients to make their mark on the industry, break into new markets, and expand their company vision. GingerMay delivers PR excellence through a people-centric approach to business.


GingerMay supports initiatives such as Digilearning, which provides young individuals with mentoring and educational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise receive to build their digital skills. Enabling upcoming generations to flourish, no matter their circumstances, is critical for our industry.

It’s a privilege to run a business. And it’s something we think about deeply. How can we change our circles of influence for the better?

We invest heavily in training to ensure our team is the best in the industry. Team Ginger has a fearless reputation for brilliance, and our team is proud of delivering the highest standards and strongest outcomes for their clients.

Leaning firmly on the principle of a rising tide lifts all boats, we strive to improve standards in the PR and communications industry by embodying our rigorous standards and leading by example.

International Women's Day
Strong leaders are more essential than ever.


We believe in giving back. Our Gingers have the opportunity to volunteer for a social responsibility cause close to their hearts, and we support numerous charity and environmental initiatives throughout the year.