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Sustainability Policy

GingerMay Sustainability Policy

GingerMay is a multi-award winning strategic PR and marketing consultancy with offices in London, New York and Berlin. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and aim to become a low carbon business. In addition, we aim to actively conduct our business in a way that promotes social and environmental benefits, and strive to educate, inspire and empower all our stakeholders and wider communities to create a sustainable society that addresses the climate crisis, reduces social inequality, and secures a low carbon future.

As a growing agency with over 40 staff based across four sites, we recognise our responsibility to ensure our operations are low carbon and positively impact our environment: not only through reducing our emissions but also by continually improving the positive impact our business and our stakeholders have on the environment.

This policy applies to all stakeholders, employees, suppliers and those who undertake activity for and on behalf of our company.

Sustainability Policy

Minimising environmental impacts:

As a business we implement the following environmental objectives:

  • Ensuring our offices are zero waste environments, where reuse, reduction, and recycling is actively promoted and monitored
  • Acting as a ‘paper-free’ office where possible, printing only when necessary and on recycled paper
  • Encouraging our staff to use low emission forms of transport for both business and leisure purposes, and allowing staff to work from home to reduce travel emissions – providing them with cloud-based software to work from anywhere
  • Educating staff and stakeholders to minimise their individual impact on the environment – through the use of workshops and the sharing of information – and encouraging them to support our sustainability commitments
  • Allowing staff access to environmentally focused documentaries during working hours, and encouraging them to research into solutions to the climate crisis
  • Providing zero waste, locally sourced fruit boxes and meat-free options for staff snacks and meals to minimise our environmental impact through the food choices we make
  • Ensuring we regularly review our policies and standards to improve our sustainability performance
  • Ensuring and exceeding compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and standards, and the expectations of our stakeholders


  • Ensuring all purchases throughout the company prioritise sustainability, from minimising food and drink packaging for staff provisions to sourcing office equipment materials from the most ethical suppliers
  • Minimising the use of cleaning chemicals throughout our offices, and encouraging staff to use greener options at home by providing them with free eco-cleaning refills
  • Ensuring our systems and procedures minimise resource consumption and harmful emissions
  • Offsetting our carbon where this is a last resort (e.g. it is necessary to take a flight for business reasons)


  • Providing our team with one day of paid time off per year to volunteer for a CSR cause
  • Supporting charity and environmental initiatives as a business
  • Undertaking team sustainability projects such as beach cleans and tree planting programmes – during the working day
  • Supporting local zero waste and plastic free initiatives, and providing pro bono communications support to promote these campaigns
  • Encouraging staff to support local businesses and purchase goods through local zero waste companies and refill stores
  • Working closely with other businesses in our shared office locations to inspire them to make sustainable choices


Sustainability performance at GingerMay is driven by the CEO and Founder, Sustainability Manager and the Sustainability Committee through:

  • Agreed shared values: Becoming carbon neutral, making a positive difference, empowering our team and our community, and doing the right thing
  • Standards to measure our CSR success, including measuring our carbon footprint, recognising and rewarding positive CSR contributions from our team, and promoting wellbeing initiatives
  • Ensuring our environmental policy is adhered to across all areas of the business, including reuse, recycling, energy and waste
  • Upholding strict recycling and procurement standards, and ICT disposal policy
  • Limiting emissions from transport, and minimising business travel through the most polluting transport methods such as flying
  • Encouraging our employees to sign up to our sustainability pledge to reduce emissions, wastage, and unnecessary consumption in all aspects of their life
  • Working with our suppliers and customers to encourage sustainability initiatives throughout the entire supply chain
  • Reporting of our CSR standards and achievements internally and externally, and being transparent about our sustainable practices
  • Communicating internally on a regular basis to our employees via newsletters, intranet, regular team meetings, internal workshops, briefings, and the staff induction process
  • Communicating externally to our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to outline progress in our CSR initiatives
  • Hosting monthly sustainability committee meetings to monitor, evaluate, plan, and adapt our CSR initiatives

This policy will be reviewed annually as part of our business planning process, which involves our senior leadership team and sustainability committee.