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Tag: ad tech industry

Fraud: why digital advertisers shouldn’t be afraid

No one could say that the world’s attention isn’t genuinely hooked by the US election, but even this hot topic isn’t safe from fraud. Recent analysis shows over a third of Twitter accounts following the elections are fake, which means marketers banking on the social media platform

Pokémon Go, a promising marketing opportunity?

For the last few weeks, smartphone users around the globe have been united by one obsession: catching as many virtual creatures as they can via Pokémon Go. Having already achieved more downloads in its launch week than any other app so far — and superseded

9 things we learned from Cannes Lions 2016

The red carpet has been rolled away, the rosé bottles cleared up, and the flock of advertising technology innovators is gone after another eventful Cannes Lions festival. As we look back at the latest gathering of creative visionaries from the world’s largest tech hubs in London,

Quantifying native ads: are they an example worth following?

In the face of consistent opposition, it’s usually time to consider a new tactic. At least, that is what many marketers are choosing to do in the midst of the ad-blocking saga, by adopting a new digital strategy designed to reduce disruption: native advertising. Hailed as tonic that will

Mobile takeover: What is the impact on digital strategy?

For years, digital soothsayers have predicted the second screen – mobile – would become the primary screen. And last year it finally happened. Time spent on mobile overtook PC, accounting for more than two hours each day. What’s more, mobile will become the main point