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Tag: advertising strategy

Will Black Friday remain a key festive tradition?

Black Friday has become a modern festive tradition, just as synonymous with the start of seasonal celebrations as switching on the Christmas lights. So, it’s little wonder that the decision of several major companies to shun it this year made headlines.

Programmatic audio: The next step towards omnichannel

Connected living and an ever-increasing reliance on smartphones has pushed digital audio – including digital radio, music streaming, and podcasts – into the mainstream. And while the advertising industry has been busy speculating on whether last year, this year, or next year will be the year of programmatic TV, programmatic audio has been quietly and unobtrusively establishing itself as the next step on the path towards true omnichannel programmatic advertising.

Mobile takeover: What is the impact on digital strategy?

For years, digital soothsayers have predicted the second screen – mobile – would become the primary screen. And last year it finally happened. Time spent on mobile overtook PC, accounting for more than two hours each day. What’s more, mobile will become the main point of internet access for Generation Z within two years.