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Tag: fintech

Image of orange Natwest card

How can banking be brought to the bankless?

The UK and Europe are slowly moving towards becoming cashless societies. In comparison, emerging economies – where cash is a complex system ­– are already ahead of the game because they don’t have access to basic banking facilities.


Tech 101: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin has grasped the media’s attention for many months. As the most well-known example of blockchain technology, interest is at its peak and prices skyrocketed – even hitting $17,000 in December. But what actually is bitcoin, and how is it associated with blockchain technology?

London: Technology capital of Europe

Despite a degree of uncertainty as the UK government prepares to trigger Article 50, the London technology scene continues to thrive. In a new KPMG survey, the capital is placed above all other European cities as an up-and-coming global hub for the technology industry, ranking fifth after Shanghai, New York, Tokyo and Beijing.