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Mobile data: are trust issues limiting progress?

Mobile data usage should be carefully considered if marketers want to win consumer trust, a recent Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) seminar on the subject concluded. Last month’s session, Mobile Data: Cross-screen, Location, Privacy and more, took a close-up look at the trends and emerging technologies

Mobile World Congress 2017: Five elemental themes

“Mobile isn’t just a communications device or a technology. It’s a phenomenon at the heart of everything we do. It’s fundamental to our everyday lives.” Mobile World Congress 2017 ‘The Next Element’ was the official theme of Mobile World Congress 2017, which took place last week in Barcelona. Intended

Pokémon Go, a promising marketing opportunity?

For the last few weeks, smartphone users around the globe have been united by one obsession: catching as many virtual creatures as they can via Pokémon Go. Having already achieved more downloads in its launch week than any other app so far — and superseded

Social media: Making it work for your business

The average UK consumer now spends 1 hour 20 minutes using social media each day. That’s double the time we spend eating. Brands are responding to the power of social to retain the attention of increasingly distracted audiences, with UK social media ad spend rising

Mobile takeover: What is the impact on digital strategy?

For years, digital soothsayers have predicted the second screen – mobile – would become the primary screen. And last year it finally happened. Time spent on mobile overtook PC, accounting for more than two hours each day. What’s more, mobile will become the main point

IP geolocation – a secret for marketing success

Geolocation is rising up the digital advertising agenda and there’s one reason why: mobile. So vital is mobile to everyday life that smartphone separation anxiety — nomophobia  — is now a recognised condition. In the last four years, mobile usage has increased over 300% and marketers are starting