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Tag: Technology

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How can publishers win the fight against ad blocking?

Ad blocking is hitting publishers hard by preventing them from monetising their content. We explore how publishers can continue to keep their readers happy while making money from their online content, and whether there is a viable alternative to advertising.

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How can banking be brought to the bankless?

The UK and Europe are slowly moving towards becoming cashless societies. In comparison, emerging economies – where cash is a complex system ­– are already ahead of the game because they don’t have access to basic banking facilities.

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Boardroom Block: What’s really holding women back?

Four in ten businesses in G7 countries still have no women in senior management positions, despite diverse boards outperforming male-only peers by $655 billion. So why are there still so few of them, and how can we ensure that our daughter’s generation enjoys parity that has so far eluded ours?


Tech 101: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin has grasped the media’s attention for many months. As the most well-known example of blockchain technology, interest is at its peak and prices skyrocketed – even hitting $17,000 in December. But what actually is bitcoin, and how is it associated with blockchain technology?

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The murky dynamics of auction mechanics

The advertising industry is united in its call for greater transparency in programmatic advertising, and nowhere is this more pressing than in the case of auction mechanics. What’s the story so far, and how can industry players stay above the fray?

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Tech 101: What is Net Neutrality?

On 14 December, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal Net Neutrality in the US. But with many of the most powerful, global technology companies publicly voicing support for the continuation of a free and open internet, what would this regulatory change mean?