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Crisis communications during the coronavirus chapter


Victoria Usher

Published On:

April 17, 2020

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Business | PR & Communications

Crisis communications during the coronavirus chapter

With unprecedented public health and economic measures causing a shockwave for businesses, communication is more important than ever. Our Founder & CEO Victoria Usher writes for European Business Magazine, explaining how a robust communications plan will ensure your business weathers the storm.

Sneak peek

“Step one in crisis communications is to establish a crisis response team, a kind of task force to head up your response. Team size will vary by business but it should be kept small to aid rapid decision making. At a minimum you will need representatives from the leadership, human resources, and communications teams, but you may also include people from key functions such as operations, legal or sales.

The team’s command and decision-making structure must be determined immediately, along with an efficient approvals process that supports timely updates. Only members of the crisis response team should issue formal communications, and ideally businesses will appoint one or two key spokespeople. The team should meet regularly to review the situation as it unfolds, and issue regular updates, both internal and external.”

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