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Raconteur: Finding the right technologies to keep remote workers engaged


Victoria Usher

Published On:

October 1, 2021

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Advertising & Marketing | Industry News

Finding the right technologies to keep remote workers engaged

This article originally appeared in Raconteur

Our Founder and CEO, Victoria Usher recently shared her views with Raconteur on finding the right technologies to keep remote workers engaged.

Victoria believes investment in technology can dismantle feelings there is “a primary group and a secondary group, as psychologically that is putting people at a disadvantage which can be very demoralising”.

“For a long time we have assumed technology is an IT problem, but it’s not, it is a human problem”

Especially where younger workers, who may be based in a house share or working from a bedroom in the family home, are concerned, it is essential they are equipped with the tools to carry out their jobs professionally and successfully to maintain their confidence.

“Some people have great set-ups, but where they don’t have the facilities, additional microphones and lights ensure a level playing field in how they are seen by clients and by other staff as well,” she explains. “The home working environment must be 100% because it’s a real block if you can’t get things to work properly.”

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