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Has COVID-19 cancelled face to face? Top tips for meetings in 2022



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March 15, 2022

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Advertising & Marketing | GingerMay News

Has COVID-19 cancelled face to face? Top tips for meetings in 2022

For almost two years we have adapted our personal and working lives around COVID-19. Remote and hybrid working is now widely adopted and is shaping the future of how we work.

Virtual meetings have provided a lifeline for businesses to operate during the pandemic and have proven to be easily accessible and time-saving. We’ll continue to make the most of these tools to catch up with colleagues and clients across the globe on a regular basis. But face-to-face is an option once again and is presenting a fantastic way to supplement virtual conversations with in-person meetings and events such as the great 2022 line-up from Mediatel Events.

Despite these new opportunities, things are not the same as pre-pandemic. So  here’s a few of our top tips for meetings in an uncertain environment in 2022:

1. Choose the appropriate venue

Meeting in open, well-circulated venues allows fresh air to circulate the room and slow down the spread of COVID. Small, cramped spaces should be avoided. Go for venues with large and open seating areas. Some Central London options include the Riding House Café and Foley’s. Other options can include venues that offer outdoor seating areas (suitable for weather all year round); such as Harrys Bar and Ole & Steen.

2. Avoid peak travel times

Steering clear of crowded places and peak travel times can help to minimise the risk of COVID 19. To ensure the meeting is low-risk, schedule appointments in off-peak hours to avoid congested public transport. We recommend avoiding organising meetings during lunch breaks, morning and evening rush hours.

3. Don’t forget the basics

Before meeting, make sure the venue meets appropriate government COVID hygiene standards. Make sure to wash and sanitise hands when possible (whether you’re shaking hands, fist-bumping or waving from a social distance); especially after using public transport. Always wear masks when travelling to and from the venue, and bring a spare. As an extra precaution we recommend taking regular lateral flow tests, which can be ordered online here for free in the UK.

4. Cut down on paper

Avoid using paper handouts and documents throughout the meeting, and ensure that everyone has access to group materials on their own device. This reduces the risk of COVID spreading on material, and has the added benefit of reducing our impact on global warming.

5. Plan B 

In the unfortunate circumstance of someone contracting COVID before meeting be prepared to adapt, reschedule and have a virtual plan BThat said, it’s been too long since we’ve been able to meet with many of you. Whether you’re a current client or partner, or you’d like to find out more about who we are and what we do, get in touch to set up a coffee or a lunch with one of our team at

We won’t insist on a handshake.

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