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Maxifier Expands into Buy-Side Optimisation with ADMAX TRADE


Victoria Usher

Published On:

March 12, 2014

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Advertising & Marketing | PR & Communications




Press release

London, UK, 12th March 2014: Maxifier, the leader in total performance optimisation, today announced the launch of a new buy-side optimisation platform, ADMAX TRADE. Developed as a result of its recent integration with AppNexus, the world-leader in real-time advertising technology, and with input from leading ad networks, ADMAX TRADE allows media companies to take advantage of advanced campaign optimisation for more effective and profitable campaigns.

ADMAX TRADE removes the traditional media buying challenges resulting from a lack of visibility and control across all campaigns and delivers relevant and timely optimisation on a single platform. Media buyers can quickly identify the real drivers of campaign performance and optimise to these areas. The platform also allows buyers to optimise across owned-and-operated and third-party sites, enabling them to make smarter buying decisions, drive margin growth and focus budgets specifically on those areas that are delivering to a campaign’s goal.

Emilie Brulebeaux, Head of RTB Activities, Orange Advertising France, commented: “Thanks to ADMAX TRADE, we have a full insight into how all our campaigns are performing. Using the platform, not only are we able to positively affect our buying, so we focus budgets on acquiring inventory that delivers to our advertisers’ goals, but we can quickly see how campaigns are trending, identify areas of concerns and take action to ensure they remain on track. ADMAX TRADE has delivered revenue and performance improvements as well as margin growth and is also helping make our life easier.”

The platform has already delivered strong results for one network in beta testing of the technology. Within a three-month period, the network reported a rise in booked versus delivered revenue from 56 percent to 77 percent. Furthermore, after just one month, the margin had increased by 10 percent, and the eCPM for CPA campaigns had increased by 150 percent.

“Optimisation is at the heart of ADMAX TRADE” said Denise Colella, CEO at Maxifier. “While this broadens our offering by moving us into the buy-side, we remain true to our optimisation heritage and expertise by delivering the enhanced optimisation technology demanded by agency trading desks, ad networks and media companies so they can buy more effectively and profitably.”

About Maxifier

Maxifier delivers total performance optimisation to enable premium publishers and media companies to unlock and maximise the value of their inventory. Supporting a publisher’s premium inventory and the buy-side, Maxifier’s ADMAX technology suite helps increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins.

ADMAX encompasses advanced ad optimisation and inventory management, coupled with a business intelligence engine, all delivered on a single interface. From measuring and optimising campaign performances, developing new advertising packages and increasing sales and profitability, Maxifier delivers benefits to both the commercial and ad operations teams. With offices in the US, UK, Japan and Russia, Maxifier analyses 385 billion impressions annually to optimise over 44,000 campaigns for leading publishers and media companies including Forbes, The Guardian, Bauer Media and Xaxis.

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