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Podcasts: why they’re a smart marketing tool


Victoria Usher

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July 31, 2019

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Advertising & Marketing | Business

Podcasts: why they’re a smart marketing tool

Podcasts, first developed in 2004, are attracting marketers at an unprecedented level due to their ability to develop a strong consumer-brand connection.

Adam Curry, MTV video jockey, and Dave Winer, a software developer, were the first names behind the development, with Curry writing a program that allowed him to download Internet radio broadcasts to his iPod – coining the word podcasting.

So, why should businesses consider including podcasts in their marketing strategy?

Demand has exploded

With smartphone use on the rise, there is an increasing demand for content from consumers. In Britain alone, nearly 6 million adults are listening to podcasts weekly, and 90 million Americans are tuning in monthly.

Ofcom’s Director of Market Intelligence, Ian Macrae, commented: “Podcasts are booming and broadening people’s listening habits. Every age group is getting involved, but the most explosive growth is among younger adults. People are using podcasts to complement traditional radio, and we’re encouraged to see broadcasters embracing the medium and seeing it as an opportunity for growth.”

While demand is increasing, it is crucial that podcasts hold attention and entertain the listener to capture the desired effect. Jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of following the crowd benefits nobody.

Strengthen relationships

Trust is a key component for any business and podcasts are a great opportunity to accomplish this. Although they may seem daunting to spokespeople at first, they provide an opportunity to speak directly to your target audience.

The convenience of podcasts also enables listeners to engage with your brand while on the move. Replicating the sense of intimacy they provide isn’t often possible with text or graphics alone.

Additionally, the digital-savvy generations are much more open to a variety of formats, and this opens up further opportunities for podcasters to make their mark in their own way.

Increase brand awareness

Whether you are joining an existing podcast as a guest or launching your own, they provide a unique opportunity. Speaking publically as an industry expert ultimately drives brand awareness. Furthermore, if your content proves interesting and of value, listeners are likely to take action.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Tech Republic’s top 16 podcasts tech and business pros should check out here, and what equipment is needed to kickstart a podcast here.


By Evie Smith, Account Executive   

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