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Rapid expansion sends GingerMay PR to new heights


Victoria Usher

Published On:

July 8, 2015

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GingerMay News

The first six months of 2015 have seen a period of rapid evolution at GingerMay. As our client base has expanded so too have our global connections, and we now undertake PR globally. To accommodate the increased need for support, our headcount has also grown, adding to the diverse pool of talent and expertise that clients can draw upon. With such transformation already achieved at the halfway point, we predict an exciting 2015 for GingerMay.

Joining the ranks of ad tech leaders in GingerMay’s client portfolio are wallpaper-based advertising innovators, Sublime Skinz, anti-online fraud experts, Forensiq, the voice of premium digital publishers in the UK, the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), and the insight division of global ad tech publication ExchangeWire, ExchangeWire Research, amongst a number of others.

This array of new clients not only extends our reach and expertise within the technology ecosystem, but also brings an exciting relationship-building opportunity for all our clients.

As a champion for the interests of media owners, the AOP represents a number of clients – many of which are already supported by GingerMay. This new connection between GingerMay, its clients, and the AOP will serve to drive the conversation between some of the most prestigious advertising brands, and create an even wider pool of skills and expertise for journalists to draw upon.

Hiring the best talent is also key to ensuring the continued delivery of first-class innovative thought leadership PR and strategic communications for our clients.

Bolstering the GingerMay team are five new joiners. Experienced technology PR specialist Kirsty Langan joins as Senior Account Director, as well as Senior Account Manager Jennie Sheldon, Account Executive Charlie Williams, Content Manager Catherine Luff, and Assistant Business Manager Odette Spence.

Recognition of talent has changed the shape of the existing team too, with Charlotte Williams and Lizzie Bristow moving to the role of Senior Account Executive.

This year has already seen GingerMay enjoy extensive growth and increase international connections. With an influx of new talent, we look forward to delivering even more improved services to our exceptional roster of clients throughout the year ahead.

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