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Should C-Suite Leaders Raise Their Profile During A Pandemic?


Victoria Usher

Published On:

June 15, 2020

Published In:

Business | PR & Communications

Should C-Suite Leaders Raise Their Profile During A Pandemic?

With consumers more likely to make purchasing decisions based on how a business responded during the Coronavirus pandemic, now is the time for industry leaders to show up and use all available resources to demonstrate how they can make a difference.

Our Founder & CEO Victoria Usher writes for The European Business Review, making a positive case for why the c-suite should raise their profiles to help foster business success and support the wider community.

Sneak peek

“Many are understandably wary of using this time to elevate their own individual profile, after all no one wants to be seen to be taking advantage of a global crisis for personal gain. Yet business leaders must take charge of how they themselves are seen by the outside world as this can directly and dramatically impact the reputation and long-term success of the companies they represent.

Business fortunes will be decided by the actions taken during this time, as illustrated by a special Edelman report exploring brand trust and coronavirus. When the survey was published back in March, 37% of global respondents had already switched to a new brand because of the innovative or compassionate way it responded to the outbreak, while 33% had convinced others to stop using a brand that was not acting appropriately. Almost two thirds said a brand’s response to the crisis would have a huge impact on their future purchasing decisions. These perceptions will be just as powerful in the B2B world as they are in B2C.”

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