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The power of corporate storytelling


Victoria Usher

Published On:

December 30, 2013

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PR & Communications | PR and marketing

Story telling has been used in every culture across the globe as a way of entertaining, educating and instilling moral values in the community. The real power of the story is in its ability to provoke feelings of excitement, apprehension, inspiration, intrigue – and everything in between – to engage the audience in a world that is different to their own.

Just as successful writers grip their audiences with well-crafted stories, businesses should aim to communicate authentic narratives about their brand to achieve an engaging dialogue with their key audiences.

In a saturated marketplace individuals cannot be expected to appreciate your business without persuasion; it is more vital than ever to give people a reason to care. The key to a successful PR strategy is showing your target audience that your business is both interesting and valuable – and this can be achieved by crafting a memorable corporate story.

The best PR people should be sharp, articulate, and creative, with the ability to develop credible strategies that communicate the value behind a brand in the most captivating way. This isn’t about creating fiction; it’s about analysing your business, discovering what it offers, and developing angles with the potential to create exciting stories. What is your vision for the present and the future? What are your motivations? What obstacles have you overcome? Why is your story more important than others? All these questions must be addressed and communicated in an appealing way in order to inspire your audience.

Storytelling is a skill, and just as good journalists search for the best ways to turn information into great scoops, PRs have the ability to craft and communicate powerful stories from their clients’ businesses. Think of PRs as your own personal storytellers, elevating your profile and achieving differentiation from your competitors, creating buzz and excitement around your brand, and convincing customers that what you do truly matters.

This takes time, dedication and – with the advent of social networking – more expertise than ever before. The advancement of technology and social media means that the art of storytelling has evolved, allowing anyone to broadcast their message in an instant to a global audience. However, tangible communications always boil down to the same essential skills you find in a PR professional – proper planning, meticulous research, and enviable market knowledge.

High-impact corporate storytelling involves providing your audience with real reasons to care about your business. If you can keep the audience engaged in your business world, then you will have your ‘happily ever after’.

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