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Victoria Usher

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February 26, 2020

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Business | GingerMay News

The World’s Most Sustainable PR Agency 

We know that’s a bold claim, but everyone needs a goal and becoming the most sustainable PR agency in the world is one of GingerMay’s core ambitions.

With the climate crisis dominating the news agenda, and science pointing to the fact we need to act now to avert catastrophe, technology PR agency GingerMay is working resolutely towards carbon neutrality. In addition to providing PR support to a variety of cleantech companies, we want to change the world for the better ourselves by addressing sustainability from both a business and social perspective, encouraging our team and wider stakeholders to view sustainable practices as the norm rather than the exception.

To help us achieve our ambition, we’re excited to announce that we’ve hired Caroline Burgess-Pike as our dedicated Sustainability Manager. Caroline is working with us to develop and implement our sustainability policy, organise educational workshops and events for our team, and identify areas where we can reduce our immediate carbon footprint. Caroline is also heading up our internal Sustainability Committee, which involves seven members of the GingerMay team, each with an area of responsibility to oversee, from office recycling to office purchases.   

The core component of our sustainability plan is simple – education. We aim to educate our employees about climate change, inspire alternative ways of thinking, and highlight easy lifestyle changes that will enable them to live more sustainability. For example, we recently hosted an essential oils workshop with Mari-Louise Yule to teach our team how to make environmentally friendly and antimicrobial household cleaning products using basic ingredients, which we keep stocked at our office headquarters. We are also inviting our team to attend monthly screenings of thought-provoking documentaries such as The Game Changers (2018) and Before The Flood (2016) combined with educational workshops, from home vegetable growing to practising zero-waste.   

We want to inspire our colleagues, clients, friends and stakeholders to reduce their own impact on the environment. In addition to arranging external workshops and events, we created a social media campaign, #SustainabilitySwaps, that ran across GingerMay’s channels during the month of January. It featured a series of 20 switches that make a tangible difference to the planet. 

Here are four simple switches anyone can complete right now to start reducing their carbon footprint and make a real difference to the planet: 

  1. Switch to plant-based milk: Producing a 200ml glass of dairy milk requires over ten times as much land as oat milk. Swapping to a plant-based milk can significantly reduce environmental impact. 
  2. Shop second hand: The fashion industry is a major polluter and human rights violator. Shopping for second-hand clothes or hosting swap shops with friends or colleagues can make a big difference. If you want to find out more, we recommend watching The True Cost (2015) documentary on Netflix. 
  3. Turn off computers: Leaving a computer on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus. Shutting down computers when not in use rather than leaving them on standby is an easy sustainability swap. 
  4. Turn down thermostats: Turning down the central heating thermostat by just one degree can save up to £75 a year, and of course it saves energy too.

Track our journey to becoming the world’s most sustainable PR agency by following us across our social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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