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Top PR tips to help you pull together your DMEXCO agenda



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September 15, 2022

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PR and marketing

Top PR tips to help you pull together your DMEXCO agenda

After two years of online events, DMEXCO is once again back in full real-world force. Promising to cover “the entire topic cluster of the digital industry”, 2022 is set to be a bumper year for the digital economy. Attendees will want to ensure their own DMEXCO agenda and event itinerary is fully aligned with what’s planned, so no opportunities are missed.

Alongside a jam-packed programme filled with insightful discussions about the latest trends in digital marketing and advertising technology, the two-day event will offer these long-awaited opportunities for in-person connection; with over 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors expected to descend on Cologne.

But with so much scope for networking and idea sharing, how can attendees ensure they maximise every opportunity to forge valuable connections with relevant industry contacts? Following on from our previous tips on practical last-minute essentials, we asked GingerMay’s team of experts to share their advice on vital steps and considerations for optimising the PR potential of DMEXCO, both before and during the event.

Diligent diary management is key

Big ticket events such as DMEXCO are a magnet for leading innovators across the industry, as well as influential media contacts keen to capture the latest trends and predictions. To ensure your time at the event is well spent, advance planning is a must.

Our seasoned specialists are advocates for developing a meticulous on-the-ground strategy.

What our experts say…

  • Start planning early — diaries fill up quickly so make contact with the people you’re keen to connect with, early. 
  • Make sure your itinerary includes relevant event sessions, social and networking events, and make a list of the exhibitors you’d like to visit/meet throughout the two days. 
  • Don’t forget to strategically optimise your media pitching. Why should journalists meet with you? Are you usually based elsewhere? Do you have timely news to share? Are you speaking in one of the sessions or hosting an external event that the journalist should attend?

Making the most of your DMEXCO agenda

DMEXCO is a great place for face-to-face interaction but the event is focused on deal-making, so time is at a premium and your meetings should be meaningful and well planned.

What our experts say…

  • Preparing for meetings before you go is a good idea. Do your research ahead of the event, and have talking points and key topics prepped to get the most out of speedy meetings, often booked between speaking sessions and networking.
  • Look out for unplanned opportunities. For example, the airport and train station can hold unexpected opportunities for networking with fellow attendees travelling to and from the event.
  • Being prepared for last-minute changes is always a wise move at such a busy event, as is keeping on top of your schedule, and having physical backups in case your tech fails you…
  • Get everyone’s mobile numbers ahead of time — clients, journalists, colleagues — as there’s a possibility things will go wrong, and people will get lost in the vast halls

Stay alert for key conversations

Digital trends move quickly and DMEXCO covers significant ground at speed. Identifying key discussion points as they emerge and being quick to offer insightful opinions will put your company or spokesperson in pole position for media opportunities.

At GingerMay, we’ll often provide comments or articles during, and after the event, shaped by content and conversations from the conference.

What our experts say…

  • Keep abreast of breaking news stories during the event 
  • Monitor social media for news updates from journalists attending the event 
  • Remember DMEXCO when thinking about news announcements in September — will it get lost in the noise of the event or will it help with sales conversations while you’re there? Timing is everything.
  • DMEXCO is a barometer for trends and the big issues in the industry, so make sure to attend some of the key sessions for knowledge building. Consider leveraging emerging trends to produce timely PR content that puts you ahead of the pack.

For a successful DMEXCO experience think preparation, preparation, preparation. It’s essential to take a strategic approach and map out your DMEXCO game plan, in line with your key company objectives and goals.

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