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Two Gingers become Mental Health First Aiders


Victoria Usher

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October 8, 2019

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Business | GingerMay News

Two Gingers Become Mental Health First Aiders

At GingerMay, we recognise that each and every one of us has mental health which needs looking after, just like our physical health. As a result, we recently enrolled two of our Gingers into the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Programme which took place in Tunbridge Wells, run by West Kent Mind.

The MHFA Programme is designed for members of the public to learn how to assist others with a mental health issue or crisis. The specific areas of mental health referred to in this programme include depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, and self harm. Both of our Gingers received extensive training in all of these areas and were provided with the tools needed to offer their support to each of our employees in the office.

With one in four of us destined to experience a mental health issue in any given year, the training received from the MHFA programme will be invaluable in ensuring staff at GingerMay feel supported.

To further promote a healthy working environment at GingerMay, we also launched Ginger Mindset, which is shared weekly within our staff bulletin. Through this, our team can find useful resources, statistics, and advice to promote mental wellbeing. For example, Ginger Mindset recently highlighted the great work of Time To Change, a platform providing everyone with a chance to share their own mental health experiences online and demonstrate how other peoples’ attitudes may have impacted them. You can read their blogs here.

Finally, GingerMay would like to share with you our top ten tips on how you can stay mentally healthy at work:

  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  3. Keep active
  4. Offer help to others
  5. Socialise with your colleagues
  6. Talk about your problems, no matter how small they might seem
  7. Avoid letting stress build up
  8. Keep your working environment clean and tidy
  9. Take regular breaks
  10. Avoid taking work home with you


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