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What is the goal of integrated communication in B2B tech?



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August 18, 2023

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PR & Communications

What is the goal of integrated communication in B2B tech?

Put simply, integrated communications empower B2B tech companies to achieve their business objectives. 

But of course, it’s never that straightforward. These objectives are unique to each organisation, meaning an integrated communications strategy should always be bespoke to suit each company’s specific requirements. By using a tailored mix of activity, which could include earned coverage in relevant media publications, speaking opportunities at industry events or C-Suite profiling on social platforms, B2B tech businesses can successfully meet objectives such as:

Amplifying brand awareness

Integrated communications helps businesses to make their mark where it matters. It enables them to connect with target audiences across a selection of communications channels, maximising visibility. Central to this is knowing which platforms key audiences engage with, the publications they read, and the events in their calendars. Connecting the dots between these channels delivers an impactful and consistent message that can reach a wider audience, and amplify brand awareness.

Building credibility

A PR and integrated comms strategy allows a B2B tech company to nurture trust with its clients, prospects, business partners, and stakeholders. For instance, content from a winning or shortlisted award entry can be maximised across platforms, including social media and the company website, to create more noise and demonstrate the proof points of a product or service.

Additionally, case studies can provide PR opportunities, as well as be used within collateral to support business development, benefitting both marketing and sales teams. An integrated approach to communications helps reinforce a company’s credibility, positioning, and excellence versus its competitors, delivering results that contribute to business performance.  

Forging a strong reputation

B2B tech businesses must proactively manage their reputation to ensure audiences perceive them as a leader within their sector. Reputation takes time to build and requires ongoing momentum from integrated comms

Being featured as a keynote speaker or taking part in panel discussions at industry events will help position your company as a cutting-edge business at the forefront of its sector, progressing current conversations and developments in its field. Through combining events with earned media coverage in national and quality trade publications, a company can further build its authoritative voice, allowing its thought leaders to share their unique perspectives and expertise with target audiences

This enhances a business’s reputation while also making the most of valuable networking opportunities with prospective clients attending the event. As 14.5% of businesses are expecting their event budgets to grow this financial year, businesses can use integrated comms to help maximise their investment. 

Attracting and retaining talent

Not only do businesses have to stand out from the crowd to win new clients, they must also do so to attract top talent. In a highly competitive industry, this can be a challenge; 94% of employers searching for tech talent in 2022 faced a skills shortage, up from 89% the previous year. This trend is expected to continue across the UK, US, and Europe. 

Although multiple factors play into these circumstances, integrated comms can give B2B tech companies an edge for attracting talent. Almost eight in 10 jobseekers in the UK use social media when looking for new roles, with obvious platforms such as LinkedIn being invaluable for reaching applicants. But, LinkedIn can go beyond job listings and help bring a brand to life. It can highlight a company’s achievements and profile the values, expertise, and views of its leadership team, while Instagram provides a visual, engaging environment to share insights into workplace culture. 

Businesses can complement this social media activity with owned website content including blogs, a stand-out careers page, a constant drumbeat of news coverage, and award wins. All these components help communicate a company’s values and commitments, telling a story and building a brand image that appeals to prospective candidates.  

Breaking into new markets

Successful international expansion requires building a strong business presence in a new market. But generating a buzz doesn’t happen overnight. B2B tech companies need to lay the groundwork six months in advance, giving them time to demonstrate their knowledge and relevance. 

This should go beyond focusing on a company’s main product or service to include the profiling of C-Suite executives and regional leaders through social and earned media. Remember, people primarily connect with people. Whether sharing a career pathway that emphasises the unique expertise within a business or discussing the origin story of an organisation, B2B tech companies can craft their messaging, profile their team, and warm up the market ahead of launch. 

Integrated comms contributes to the growth of a technology business by supporting a robust reputation and fostering valuable connections with clients, industry peers, and journalists. An effective strategy harnesses multiple channels in a flexible, creative way while using the right metrics to measure success. Through taking a holistic view of comms, B2B tech companies can craft a tailored approach that benefits sales, marketing, and product teams, ensuring they hit their specific objectives.

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